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GRCC music students to perform in Musical Moods concert


By Kevin Matienzo – Collegiate Staff

Grand Rapids Community College will be presenting its 69th Annual Musical Moods performance Friday – a showcase that will feature performances from some of the college’s best students.

Arielle Csolkovits is a music major at GRCC and will be one of the performers in the concert this year. Her primary instrument of study is the piano. She will be singing a song called “Flyer,” a song she wrote.

“I think it’s a really inspirational song and particularly relates to my personal struggles that I’ve had throughout my life to be where I am today,” Csolkovits said.

Grand Rapids Community College is one of the very few community colleges that is an accredited institution with the National Association of Schools of Music (NASM). NASM is an organization of institutions that establishes degrees for music and other related disciplines across the country.

“Essentially, it’s one of the top community colleges in the country to study music at, and I feel very honored to be studying here,” Csolkovits said.

Csolkovits started writing her own music with the piano at her church when she was 14 years old. She has also performed with church choirs and as a soloist. Even though she was involved with singing at her church, she always wandered back to writing music.

“I don’t write music because I want to be famous or want to be rich and popular and remembered,” Csolkovits said. “I write music because, having fought severe anxiety and depression a majority of my life, writing music is the only thing I like or feel like doing sometimes.”

Approximately 130 students are set to perform at this concert. Some of the genres of music that will be performed include classical, jazz, American musical theater and more.

“Everyone should attend,” said Kevin Dobreff, music department head and program director.

“The concert will highlight each performing ensemble in the music department along with auditioned soloists.”

All proceeds go to benefit GRCC music scholarships. The scholarships are awarded through a competitive audition process which occurs in April and October. Approximately 10-15 scholarships are awarded annually.

Tickets for the concert are $8 for seniors and students, $12 for adults. The concert will start at 7:30 p.m. April 21 at the St. Cecilia Music Center, 24 Ransom Avenue NE.


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