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Police Reports 3/30

(Jacquelyn Zeman/The Collegiate)

Protesters escorted off campus after disrupting students

At 2:22 p.m. March 27, two GRCCPD officers were dispatched to the Bostwick Commons about a complaint of a group of three individuals handing out and displaying graphic material about abortion.

The two officers went to the scene and approached the group displaying a banner of four pictures of bloody fetus’ on it and questioning people walking by about their beliefs on abortion.

The two officers asked the people holding the banner if they had permission from GRCC to be on campus protesting. They said they had no idea and that they were just with the third person of the protest group.

The man saw what was going on with the police officers and the banner holders and he came over to ask the officers what the problem was.

One of the officers advised them that they were on college property and they needed to check with Student Life to be approved to set up a display on campus.

The man then started telling the officers that they were speaking the truth and not propaganda.

He said to the officers he didn’t know it was a private college and the officers explained to the man that GRCC is not a private college, but they were on private property and they couldn’t disrupt the movements of students walking in and out of the building.

The officers asked the man for identification and he refused to give it to them after several attempts to attain it.

The officers directed the group to the sidewalk out front on the lower level of the Student Center and told them if they wanted to get into the building, or be on GRCC property, they would have to get permission from the Student Activities Office.

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