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8 Day cheap road trips for college students on a budget

Sunset at Grand Haven State Park, May 9, 2017. (Arielle Jackson)

By Arielle Jackson- Collegiate Staff

Do you ever wish you could travel but do not have time to take a vacation that will cost you $100 or less and is not too far to travel? Well, why not take a day trip and give yourself some time to relax? There are numerous places in Michigan to go visit in a day and still receive the mini-vacation you need.

Sleeping Bear Dunes Arielle Jackson | The Collegiate Live
  1.  Traverse City- Approximately 2 hours, 18 mins  

Traverse City is not only known for being the cherry capital of the state, but for its national parks, Grand Traverse Bay and the shipwrecks for those who like to scuba. Sleeping Bear dunes offers  3.4 miles of hiking and swimming in the clear blue waters.

1969 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 Arielle Jackson | The Collegiate Live
  1. Hickory Corner- 1 hour

Although this is not the most desired location there are many places to visit around Hickory Corner, including  the Gilmore Car Museum filled with hundreds of cars from every decade, Gull Meadows Farms and a Midwest Miniature Museum for those who love everything small.

View of city for the Renaissance Center Arielle Jackson | The Collegiate Live
  1. Detroit- 2 hours, 30 mins

Many know Detroit for its musical influence, but do not know about the surrounding attractions that make the city come to life. Some Detroit attractions include the Renaissance Center and even Belle Isle Island where visitors can go to the island’s Aquarium and Conservatory.

  1. Battle Creek- 1 hours, 20 mins

Battle Creek’s Binder Zoo is not like your typical zoo. Visitors are able to get up close and personal with the animals. Daily tickets are $14 for adults. Another place to visit is Goguac Lake to lay on the beach or enjoy the cool waters.  

Sunset at Grand Haven State Park Arielle Jackson | The Collegiate Live
  1. Grand Haven- 40 mins

The Grand Haven State Park and Lighthouse are the main attractions to tourists in this small city that gives incomers awarm welcome and invitation to relax on the nice beaches. The famous Pronto Pups is a great place to grab one of their homemade pronto pups (corn dogs) or visit Popcorn Paradise which features over 30 unique flavors.

  1. Holland- 45 mins

In this city, the Holland State Park and Red Holland Harbor Lighthouse are the main attractions. Do not forget the De Zwaan windmill. This authentic dutch windmill is the only working windmill in the United States.

The Corner Bar Arielle Jackson | The Collegiate Live
  1. Rockford- 20 mins

The small town of Rockford is a place where tourists can grab a bite to eat at the famous Corner Bar and try the 12 hot dog challenge. Afterwards, take a walk or bike ride down the White Pine trail or walk along the Rockford Dam to enjoy the natural scenery.

Big Sable River Arielle Jackson | The Collegiate Live
  1. Ludington- 1 hours, 30 mins

The small city of Ludington is a quite and relaxing place to be – especially for people interested in camping and exploring the outdoors.Visitors can tube down the Big Sable River into Lake Michigan and hike along the dunes to Big Sable Point Lighthouse. Located at Ludington State Park where campers can choose their campground and decide whether they will like to camp near the dunes at Pine Campground or near the dam at Beechwood Campground.


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