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I’ll Say It I Didn’t Like Dunkirk


“Dunkirk” is the latest Christopher Nolan epic following his last movie, “Interstellar”. A movie that received general praise, and a few critics saying that they didn’t get it (I was one of them.) “Dunkirk” follows the brave story of British soldiers as they try to escape the war zone of “Dunkirk”.

Now, I’ll say this about the film, it’s overrated. That’s right. Have at it, comment section! I feed off your disappointment. Feed me your hate.

Now, I’m not trying to disapprove of this movie, just to get a reaction, or because I’m upset of its praise. Watching the movie, I can totally understand why people are enjoying this movie. I just wasn’t one of them. I believe Christopher Nolan is truly one of the most talented directors of our time. I haven’t been a fan of his entire work series, but I loved his “Dark Knight” Trilogy and I’ll even defend “The Dark Knight Rises”, and my god “Inception” was a non stop thrill ride.

However, with “”Dunkirk”” it delivers thrills, and genuine heart throbbing suspense. You can eat the scenery presented in this film. It is gorgeous, and Nolan has one of the best senses of scale in cinematic history. He makes three planes feel like a thousand in this picture, and puts you in the characters shoes. Now, after reading this you might be thinking “That sounds rad! How could anyone hate this film?”

For me, the characters made the film feel flat. They were bland and kind of just soldier figures, which – was kind of the point. I understand that. In my favorite Nolan flicks I loved getting invested in his characters, their backstories and character arcs. In this movie, it’s just soldiers wanting to survive. Don’t get me wrong. It’s a really good movie about that. However, I would have liked to have seen a specific group of characters, with personal goals to survive this war zone together. It seems to be doing extremely well with critics so who am I to say.

If you want a war suspense epic that puts you in the action, this is your flick. If you want a little something more, maybe rewatch Inception. I rank this movie Five Michael Caine cameos out of 10.

“Dunkirk” stars Tom Hardy, Harry Styles (seriously look it up.), and Cillian Murphy. It’s runtime is two hours, and it is currently in theaters.


  1. Went today with my son. First theater I have been in years. Normally, my wife takes the boys to the kids movies. I decided to see Dunkirk because of the reviews and that it was the “BEST WAR MOVIE EVER!” Hardly, I can name at least 4 war films that are better. Who are these critics? Obviously on the payroll. Great cinematography. That’s about it. Movie is a waste of time.

  2. I totally agree with you. I thought the first half of the movie was incredibly slow. Second half was decent, but nowhere near considered to be the “one of the greatest war films” of all time. Im in disbelief at that statement. I think Nolan is one of the greatest directors alive, but I found this movie extremely dull.

  3. I too agree with this. I was quite dissapointed after watching movie. The movie missed the emphasis on actors. No bullet dialogues at all. Generally Nolans movies have an intelligent background theme. This movie lacked it. And coming to back ground music. We hardly get our attention to the bgm. If you see any other movie, there will be atleast one scene in the movie which will hold up your nerves like bruce climbing up the wall or the docking scene in interstellar. During these scenes, you will be spell bound by the back ground music. Dunkirk has no such scenes at all.

    The direction is great anyway. The time lapse theme of movie in kind of innovation direction. He showed three different time lenghts in the movie. Thats amazing. Really great direction.

    Taking a closer look, this movie seemed to me like a strategic movie by Nolan. Because, if at all this movie gets an Oscar, it has to be give to Nolan. Not for any actor.

  4. I felt the same. Perhaps, the opinion of critics and academy award winning movies are similar in the sense that they seldom please the average audience.

  5. So glad I saw your comments, I was beginning to think I was the only person who didn’t rate this film. It just left me feeling flat, didn’t feel anything for the characters and came away feeling I must be the only person to have felt like that.

  6. Thank God I am not the only one, I was so disappointed as I think it is a great story but the story never really got told. Its good if you want to feel you are in the midst of the battle.

  7. Very overrated film. I saw it on 70 mm and it looks great, but the story is so painfully simple that it’s excruciating to watch.
    The acting is essentially non-existent because the characters barely say anything.
    They are all trying to survive, which made the movie a bunch of Sandra Bullocks in “Gravity” but without the excitement of being in space.
    When I left the theater, everyone seemed to be relieved it was over.
    It seemed like we all felt we missed the point of WWII.

  8. My entire family watched the 70 mm version in IMAX… all of us agreed after the movie that it is one of the worst movies (in any genre) that we’ve watched ever. No one really knew what was happening, the words were mumbled, there were no character building, etc. All of us couldn’t wait to get out of the theater. What a waste of $$.

  9. Big build up…but i left feeling diappointed.
    Very dis-jointed trying to melt 3 stories into one grand epic. Didn’t work…ended up more like a doco with a sprinkling of mediocre acting.
    Many war movies rate higher than this one.

  10. Thank god im not alone !

    Wildly overrated . Like the post above it was similar to a good documentary , and yes the cinematography was amazing ( esp the view from the Spitfires) but … OMG movie of the decade !!?? No , just no. A lot of these reviewers must be in the pocket of the studios that’s the only explanation.

  11. It’s not a movie with full of fightings and that’s a little disappointing.
    But that is the point, Dunkirk was not a battle, it was an excavation. Helpless soldiers who are supposedly dead if not for the halt of tanks and infantry division by hitler himself. Overall it was a great war movie not for the battles but for the small miracles that led to the defeat of Germany in the war. The train journey back home where they are received by the people at the end was the symbol of victory, hope and first step in the survival of humanity in the modern era. The movie was a stone-cold masterpiece.

  12. ! agree 110% and hearing all these positive reviews is making me want to go back and change mine to a negative review. I felt this may be a movie I downgrade from the original 8 1/2 of 10 I have it at once I see it again, but I do not know if I can wait because listening to all these positive reviews is really getting under my skin.

    My problem is that I think I am right in saying it’s not a war movie but rather a story told with the cinematography, instead of characters and story, by a master film maker that deals with the subject of a retreat from war, and that is the only way I can justify it as an 8 1/2 of 10 so I don’t know what all these other people seeing. If it’s a war movie then it’s a war movie made for art students and film students because I can’t see anyone liking it this much without the lingo to cling to.

  13. I went to see Dunkirk last night and ended up leaving halfway thru the movie with a splitting head ache and Kleenex stuffed into my ears to protect my hearing. I wanted to stand up in the middle of the theater and yell “THIS MOVIE SUCKS!” But I didn’t. Hell the old 1942 movie “Mrs. Miniver” had a better, more inspiring Dunkirk segment than this peice of shit. I wish I would have purchased Movie Insurance so I could have gotten my money back. I feel like a sucker after watching all the late night TV shows talking about how great this movie was. Cobert and Jimmy Fallon praised this movie as being the best war film they had ever seen. What a bunch of kiss ass lying frauds. This has got to be one of the worse movies I have ever seen. Hell, Hacksaw Ridge was one of the best war movies I have ever seen in my life and it got panned by these guys. If this peice of crap wins any Oscars I will be majorly PISSED! Don’t waste your time on DUNKIRK! It will be time you will never be able to get back and you will regret it on your death bed.

    • Your so right, Hacksaw Ridge was awesome ! It was hands down a much better movie than this over hyped let down !

  14. Dunkirk was by far one of the worst war movies ever made… People who say it was good probably never went to see a proper war movie before.

    Good movies are those that have suspense and character build-up. Relationships. Things that actually make you say “I hope this guy doesn’t die!”. Storylines are full of plot twists and things that make you feel impressed over and over.

    Pearl harbor is a perfect example of such a movie. It has love, hate. Anger, and sadness. Feelings of “hell yeah!” and feelings of “oh no!”. It is a movie that immediately makes you bond with the main and side characters. The soundtrack is one that becomes a classic humming around at work and it easily gets stuck in people’s heads. That moment you have pilots rush to their airplanes and try to take off as japanese Zeros fly down on them, hoping they make it up before their airplane gets hit, and the men scrambling to take up positions on AA bunkers and coordinating with the pilots to fly low by so they can take an unlikely shotgun/rifle kill at the ennemy… THAT is pure movie genius.

    In this one, there is one story: men lined up on a beach waiting to be rescued, and fishermen ships sailing to save them… yet somehow finding time to save a downed pilot or two on the way.
    The lack of emotion in everyone’s eyes makes you feel they don’t care if they live or die. Critics will say it is the numbness induced by days of bombardment. I say: maybe they’re right, but that doesn’t make the film any more interesting.

    How many men did you hear shout “take cover!”. None… they just lift their their heads, do a slight jog to the side, lay down; wait for bombs to fall, and line up again… feet in the water; here’s a question WHY THE HELL DO THEY STAY IN THE WATER?. There are no enemies behind them. Why don’t they just keep their feet dry at least?… If I had to spend a day on the beach in uniform, waiting to be rescued, I wouldn’t get my boots wet just for the fun of it.

  15. Unlike Interstellar, which I loved and was grounded in a few strong characters you could relate to. Dunkirk was cinematically powerful, was not poignant – I had trouble recognizing many characters, and those I did…had to compete with the overwhelming sensory explosions of sound, and non-linear action.

    I think Mr.Nolan tried to push the envelope, and for that he will be rewarded by his peers…but this is not a movie that will endure in the hearts of viewers.

  16. Thank you for this article. I’m a huge Christopher Nolan fan, but I did not like “Dunkirk.” Only in some alternate universe would this be the “Greatest War Movie” ever made. One thought–when it comes to Hollywood, film critics are generally fed a steady diet of Marvel super hero movies, sequels, and wanna-be franchises. When a film comes along that doesn’t fit that bill, critics can rejoice and have something to praise.

    It looks like grade inflation has come to movie reviewing.

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