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Betsy DeVos to review Obama-Era campus sexual assault guidelines

Secretary Devos (Courtesy Tribune News Service)

United States Secretary of Education Betsy Devos announced Thursday that she will begin reviewing the current campus sexual assault guidelines set in 2011 by former president Barack Obama.

The guidelines were introduced to crack down on campus sexual assault. Obama wanted institutions to take these cases seriously and aggressively investigate them.

Rene Marsh of CNN reported that Devos spoke at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia and made comments that sparked controversy. The full video of Marsh’s report can be found here.

Devos began speaking and touched on points about parents “dread[ing] getting that phone call: a despondent child calling with unthinkable news.” She continued and mentioned her own fear of receiving that same phone call from her own children, “I cannot imagine receiving that phone call,” Devos said.

Devos went on to list a number of cases that the accused were not given due process and their lives were affected greatly. The current system, “creates further victims beyond the accuser,” Devos said.

Devos said she would “seek public output” as she makes changes.

Follow the link to read the full transcript of Devos’ speech.