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Bill Pink Investiture day

Bill Pink conversed and laughed with fellow faculty and community members.

Today marks the investiture of Grand Rapids Rapids Community College President Bill Pink.

This morning there was a community conversation and reception at the Tassell M-TEC building.

The event started with breakfast in the lobby at 7:30 a.m. All around the lobby, both GRCC faculty and partners were chatting and laughing with Pink.

“This is so great,” Pink said. “It’s a big day and I’m very excited to be here with so many of my fellow faculty and talk.”Rachael Yadlowsky | The Collegiate Live

After breakfast, GRCC Trustee member Deb Bailey stepped up to the podium to introduce Pink and shared a video about how West Michigan businesses benefit from partnering with GRCC.

After the video, Pink greeted everyone and discussed the importance of the college being innovative and relevant and responsive.

“As I like to say, I like to be the first to dance and the only one dancing,” Pink said. “I want the college to be the first to do what we’re doing, I want other colleges to hear about us and follow behind in our footsteps.”

Pink also talked about the importance of focusing on career attractiveness for future employees rather than career awareness.

“I believe that we have great career awareness,” Pink said. “But businesses need to also work on career attractiveness. They can tell future employees that they’re looking and how much the pay is, but that doesn’t tell the employee why they should apply for the job. What can you do for me if I apply and am hired?”

Pink stated that GRCC is the top community college in the state for job training with 12,000 to 13,000 students being trained each year.

“Now, what I want to find out is how we can become more innovative,” Pink said. “It’s time to say what is the next level. How can we make GRCC relevant and responsive?”

Pink told a story about a former student who got her life back on track because of GRCC. The student was homeless with a child but decided to start studying at GRCC. She went through the Health Care program and is now working as a nurse at Saint Mary’s hospital.

“This institution is all about hope,” Pink said. “Because we give hope to so many people who need it.”

Today’s investiture will be held at the Fountain Street Church at 2 p.m.