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GR local enters an interactive piece into ArtPrize

Spectators of ArtPrize can add to the piece.

By Andrew Schau – The Collegiate

With ArtPrize in full swing, many artists, local and international, are showing their work, including Anna Donahue.

Donahue, 63, of Grand Rapids, created an entry called, “The Artist Entitlement.” Donahue’s piece is made out of lumber and designed to be an ongoing piece, meaning that people can participate and add on to the artwork.

“My inspiration is simple. Everyone is an artist and creative in their own way,” Donahue said. “You don’t have to have a degree or have an extraordinary gift. I just wanted people to express their creativity in this piece.”  

Donahue has been entering her artwork every year since ArtPrize started, and said has loved art from the very start.

“Back in my day, women were only given the choice to be a teacher, a secretary, or a nurse,” Donahue said. “But no, I wanted to be an artist. I knew exactly what I wanted to be in kindergarten.”

Donahue has done other art that has been shown around Grand Rapids. She paints murals, and one of her murals is displayed at Panera Bread on the skywalk downtown. This was a big honor for Donahue, who says she plans on continuing to paint murals.   

Donahue loves being an artist but admits being an artist has some challenges.

“Just being a woman is a challenge for an artist,” Donahue said. “Also, being 63 years-old is difficult.”

Every artist in ArtPrize is going for the grand prize. This year, the award for the top piece is a life-changing $200,000. On Oct. 6, the winner will be announced.

“If I were to win the $200,000, I would first off all pay my bills,” Donahue said. “Paying bills and donating to charity are the two main things I would do.”

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