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ArtPrize artist finds a new use for cloth flour sacks.


Mycah Roark – Collegiate Staff

When most people think of flour, they think of baking cakes and cookies, but ArtPrize veteran, Letitia Huckaby thinks of her heritage.

Huckaby has been involved with arts since the age of four, she received her master’s degree in visual arts in 2010 from the University of North Texas and has been working as an artist ever since.

Huckaby’s inspiration for her ArtPrize entry “Flour” comes from her mother and tales of her youth in the backwoods of Louisiana.

I can remember tales of milking cows before dawn, swimming in ponds with snakes and riding hogs like horses,” Huckaby said. While the tales of swimming and riding hogs inspired Huckaby, hearing how her mother’s family grew and raised everything they needed except flour impacted her. “They “store bought” their flour, and my grandmother used the cotton sacks the flour came in to make new dresses for the girls.” thus inspiring “Flour.”

“Flour” is a pigment print on white cotton fabric. Each body of work takes about two years to complete, from shooting the image then printing them onto fabric and then hand sewing the image into the sacks.

“The two smaller pieces are actual vintage flour sacks, but the larger ones are entirely created by me,” Huckaby said. “I photograph individuals standing behind patterned bed sheets with a light that casts their shadow onto the sheet. I then print the image out in sections much like the way a quilt is pieced together.”

Huckaby placed “Flour” at the Grand Rapids Art Museum at the request of the curators. Even though Huckaby is a returning artist, she hopes that this year will bring in more exposure for her work.

For more information or to see Huckaby’s other work, follow this link to her website.