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Brandan L. McBride honored with NAACP Role Model Education Award

Brandan McBride to accept the NAACP Role Model Award. - Courtesy Art

By Carson McCready – The Collegiate Staff

Grand Rapids Community College Success Coach Brandan L. McBride’s was recently named the recipient of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People Role Model Education Award.

He will receive this award at the upcoming NAACP 51st Annual Freedom Fund Dinner and Awards. The event will be held on Fri., Oct. 20 at 6 p.m. at the JW Marriott International Ballroom in Grand Rapids

“I am honored first and foremost,” McBride said. “It is a great feeling to know you are supported by your community… But I am not in it for the award.”

Brandan McBride – Courtesy Art Courtesy A

The NAACP’s website states that it “works to ensure that every disadvantaged student and student of color graduates ready for college or a career by ensuring access to great teaching, fair discipline, equitable resources and challenging curriculum.”

This award is being given to someone who the NAACP recognizes as an active contributor to their community in these ways.

McBride describes the feeling of recognition as “humbling, motivating, and inspiring.”

He explains that he is currently involved with assisting students with the process of coming to GRCC, being successful at GRCC, and completing their time at GRCC. Specifically, McBride is involved in a recruitment effort with seniors attending GRPS, dual enrolled high school students, and the Early/Middle College program at Ottawa High School.

“When I went to college, being the first male on both sides of my family to ever go to college, the journey was confusing and frustrating at times,” McBride said. “I did not have the guidance that I needed.”

McBride continued, “I am a firm believer in being the person you wish you had.”

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