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Breathing Body Art

Models are body painted to show something that they have struggled with. - Josh L. Kennedy

By Tatiana Diaz – The Collegiate Staff

Art Prize Nine artist, Kristen Adams, is exposing her models – figuratively and literally.

Her entry, “Breathing Body Art By Kristen Adams: Healing Through Art,” is a collaboration between her models and her artwork. Adams has chosen to highlight her models’ struggles and triumphs by painting their bodies live, so ArtPrize-goers can get a glimpse of the painting process, then the models recite their individual story.  

Among the issues, Adams has chosen to feature are PTSD, depression, anorexia, addiction, anxiety and more.

“Not only are they (the models) being vulnerable by telling these stories, but to get in front of everyone practically naked – I mean thongs and pasties aren’t a lot of coverage – I wouldn’t be able to do it,” Adams said. “So not only do they have to be vulnerable with their story they have to be vulnerable physically up there in front of everyone as well.”

The public’s reaction to Adams’s piece has been a mix so far, but all are welcome according to Adams.

“I’m making people really uncomfortable because not only am I talking about the uncomfortable topics that people are just thinking are a little bit taboo or are hard to face, I’m bringing it to people in public,” Adams said. “Some people have a hard time seeing what it is but the crowd’s reaction has been so amazing.”

Adams’s entry can be viewed from 1 p.m.-8 p.m. until Oct. 8 at The B.O.B.

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