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Faculty needed for Honors Program project ideas

GRCC's Honors Program asks faculty for help. - Courtesy Art

By Tara Woods – The Collegiate Staff

Experiential Learning is looking to faculty members at Grand Rapids Community College to come up with fun and creative ideas for the Winter semester Honors program projects.

“The program is meant to help students dive deeper into the curriculum,” said Michael Schavey, program director. To complete the program, students select four courses to complete an honors project in.  Projects can be completed over the entire time students are at GRCC.”

They are looking to get as many faculty members involved as possible. The deadline to join as a faculty member was Fri., Oct. 6. They have no limit to how many can join in, but want to know who is going to offer a program so students can choose their classes accordingly.

We currently have several faculties teaching General Education courses ranging from Math, Music, Psychology to Biology,” Shavey said, referring to the 19 teachers already signed up to add honors projects to their courses.

The requirements for a project is that it has to include the honors program objectives including.

  1. Exposure to effective and influential leaders
  2. Opportunities to learn and apply leadership skills
  3. Structured learning experiences that engage students in community service
  4. Opportunities for students to think critically about diverse cultural contexts
  5. Exposure to scholars/professionals engaged in research and/or creative scholarship
  6. Structured learning experiences that prepare students for research and/or creative scholarship
  7. Opportunities to apply learning towards the development of a research study or creative project

Some of the faculty members are already working on fine tuning the projects they will have to offer.

“The English Department had an idea for a student newsletter,” Schavey said. “Where students would write articles for the newsletter and they would send it out.”

Overall the students would end up with around 10 hours extra work outside of the classroom.  
To get involved contact Michael Schavey at mschavey@grcc.edu.

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