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Healing Body, Mind and Spirit Expo to come to Grand Rapids

Amethyst crystal, incense, pieces of Tara Cards. The meditation aspect and psychic principles readers use. -Leah Spoolstra

By Leah Spoolstra – Collegiate Staff

After nearly ten years traveling the country to attend psychic exhibitions, Beverly and John Stephan decided to debut their “Healing Body, Mind and Spirit Expo” in Grand Rapid at the Deltaplex Arena and Conference Center on Oct. 14 and 15.

Currently, they live in Portage, Michigan where Beverly works as a third-generation clairvoyant by completing paintings for her clients through contact with their spirit guides.

In 2014, the pair debuted the “Healing Body, Mind and Spirit Expo” in Kalamazoo. Since then John and Beverly Stephan have recruited several famous psychics, readers, and vendors from Canada and the United States to participate in their exhibitions.

This is the first year that the “Healing Body, Mind and Spirit Expo” will be held in Grand Rapids. After witnessing the revival of Grand Rapids, John Stephan noticed that there was not a similar event held in Michigan and he thinks that the Deltaplex is the perfect location to host the event.

“We looked at what was going on right around us,” John Stephan said. “It was as if there were no shows and no expos in Michigan. Awareness is important for people. We saw how many people we can help and how many people want to learn. We teach people to look at more than what is in front of their nose.”

There will be 56 vendors at the expo that offer information regarding intuition, spirituality, and self-realization. During the showcase, people can experience aromatherapy, stones, crystals, card readings, painting, jewelry, essential oils, and pet readings.

Admission can be purchased at the Deltaplex as a daily pass for $10 or a weekend pass for $16 and there is a flyer that people can use to receive a dollar discount. While admission does not include readings or products, there will be 19 speeches given by several psychic readers, motivational speakers, and mediums.

Travis Sanders was chosen as the keynote speaker, but he will also be performing readings as a vendor. At the age of 16 , Sanders appeared on A&E’s “Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal.” In 2016, Sanders published his debut book “I Am Psychic, So Are You!”

After attending several exhibitions over the past nine years, John Stephan hopes that his exhibition allows people who are curious the ability to train their natural intuition and spread positive energy.

“Curiosity is a good thing. In one place, people are able to meet others who are very experienced and well-practiced. Some people are a little nervous (their first time). They will say, ‘I’m going to die’ or something like that. It is not about that. It is about positive energy. After all, knowledge and information is a very powerful tool.”

While John Stephan believes in the positive effects of readings, aromatherapy, and essential oils, he understands the skepticism that his exhibition receives.

“There are people who are skeptical about what we promote and what we show,” John Stephan said. “I am fairly skeptical, too. I tell people to turn off their brain and trust their instinct and powers. Your body will not lie to you. New things are scary, but just because I cannot explain things that are happening, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t happening.

He said that he is ecstatic to offer people the ability to heal themselves.

“Healing comes in many ways,” John Stephan said. “People can be physically healed or some just need mental and emotional healing. We hope that people get uplifted and walk away with a great energy, with a smile on their face, and a feeling that they accomplished getting questions off their mind.

The “Healing Body, Mind and Spirit Expo” will be presented from 10 a.m. – 7 p.m. on Sat. Oct. 14 and from 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. on Sun. Oct. 15 at the Deltaplex Arena and Conference Center.

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