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Davison leads with 37, Men’s Basketball pulls away from Tigers, 102-79

Sophomore Guard Anthony McIntosh sets up a play against Grace Bible College - Harrison DiCocco

The Grand Rapids Community College Raiders Men’s Basketball team picked up a 102-79 win on Thursday over the Grace Bible College Junior Varsity team in the Ford Fieldhouse and moved their record to 6-1.

In the last week of practice and before Thursday’s game, Raiders Head Coach Luke Bronkema offered a new mindset for the Raiders with an overarching theme- positive energy. The five things that Bronkema preached were: “Getting back (on defense),” “Solid defense,” “Rebound,” “Push the ball (up the floor)” and one that Bronkema has preached his whole time with the Raiders, “Patience.”

Those five things helped the Raiders win the game and helped Sophomore guard Curtis Davison lead all scorers with 37 points on 53 percent shooting (14-26).

“It all started with those five things,” Davison said postgame. “Coach made sure we got those five things in practice and put them on the board… if we can lock into those five things every game, we get those locked in, we should win every game I think.”

Emotions were running high throughout the game and multiple players were told multiple times to keep themselves, and their mouths, in check.

“It was, it was an emotional game,” Davison said. “The refs had to tell me a couple times to stop the talking. It was mainly just letting the butterflies go and just play basketball.”

The emotions ran high on the sidelines as well, Bronkema was assessed a technical foul mid way through the second half.

“I get a little bit passionate and intense sometimes,” Bronkema said. “Who knows, he (the official) told me it was because my assistants were up as well, which is a no-no. Truthfully, I think it was because I let him know one too many times I didn’t think it was the correct call.”

On the basketball side of the game, the Raiders started the game in a full-court press, which is something they are not really known for. The press worked as the Raiders forced 23 turnovers.

“It’s something that we wanted to work on,” Bronkema said. “We’ve been working on it in practice. It’s not what we’re known for, but we wanted to work on it and be ready to pull it out for conference.”

Offensively, the Raiders struggled in the opening stages of the game, pushing their lead to as much as five in the first half and trailing by as much as four points. The Raiders were aggressive on the boards and secured an uncharacteristic 14 offensive rebounds.

Bronkema further elaborated that if his team can continue to his on the “5-points” that he laid out pre-game, they will be successful this season.

The Raiders next game is on the road at Mott Community College on Wed., Dec. 6, at 7:30 p.m.