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By Jessica Newhouse – Collegiate Staff

Textbooks can be extremely expensive for college students but luckily there is a solution to this problem.

Grand Rapids Community College has its very own book exchange group on Facebook titled, “Grand Rapids Community College Book Exchange,” where you can buy and sell college textbooks to fellow students for cheap.

“The reason this group was created was to keep the price of attending college down,” said Gina Artale, creator of GRCC Book Exchange. “I work full-time and have a second job. I pay out of pocket for school so I understand the need. Education shouldn’t just be a business.”

For students who want to sell books, you must join the group first and then you can post on the group’s page. You must include the International Standard Book Number (ISBN) or the class number in your post based on the book you are selling. This way they’ll know if it’s the correct book they need for a class. The average price for a book would be somewhere around $30.

If you want to purchase a book, you also need to join, in order to comment on seller’s posts. All sales are final.

“There is a win-win created when students can both make money and save money to each other using social media and resources they are already familiar with,” said Artale.

This is a great opportunity to get the books you need, at a reasonable price. There are over 900 books on sale, so now’s the time to look.

To visit the page, Follow this link.

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