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StandOut talks about budgeting for MMBLGTACC Conference at the

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Grand Rapids Community College’s Student Alliance met on Thursday to approve a new proposal to send members of “StandOut,” a student organization for the LGBTQQA community at GRCC, to the upcoming Midwest Bisexual Lesbian Gay Transgender and Ally College Conference in February.

The meeting started with President, Cale Merdzinski, introducing himself to the other student organization leaders while Student Alliance Vice President of Operations, Kyezie Bwanangela, gave a brief description of the timing for each activity on the agenda.

First on the agenda was the proposal for the 2018 MBLGTACC Conference in Omaha, Nebraska. The previous proposal requested a sum of $3,708 to fund eight GRCC students to attend the conference from Feb. 16-18. After some adjustments in lodging, food and transportation, StandOut Secretary, Malcolm Mucha, and Treasurer, Theodore Bigelow proposed to cut the budget by more than half to $1,943.

While some student organization leaders were satisfied by this cut, some did not find it fair to cut the food budget to a mere $10 per meal. Originally, the food budget was $640 which consisted of a $15 reimbursement for each student for two meals per day while at the conference.

The new proposal requested $320, reimbursing each student $10 per meal.  However, some of the student leaders at the meeting did not agree to cut the food budget to the new proposed amount; they believed it would be fair to keep the original food budget of $640. A motion was passed to increase the food budget to its original sum of $640, and was approved by more than half of the student leaders in attendance.

“We hope to bring back a lot of information on how to better the community,” Mucha said. “How to just build a bridge and welcome new people in. We also plan on doing a presentation on what we learned from the conference at StandOut meetings. We are also planning on trying to bring what we learned into the upcoming Learn to Lead workshops.”

The “Learn the Lead” workshop series was created to help students develop their professional skills and function in professional settings.

The meeting ended with two group activities for the student leaders. The first activity involved the student leaders forming into two groups and discussing their previous work places and what were the negatives and positives of that workplace. The next activity discussed the effects of being a leader and how important it is to lead others in a productive and efficient manner.

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