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Simplify your campus commute with this week’s featured app, Parkmobile, which lets drivers pay parking meters with their phones instead of cash.

Simply download Parkmobile on any smartphone, set-up a Parkmobile account (which includes adding a credit or debit card and car information), and start using Parkmobile to pay parking meters around the city.

Parkmobile recently renewed its contract with the City of Grand Rapids until 2020, so users can continue to enjoy its convenient features. Some of the features include the ability to check how much time is left on a meter, notifications informing users of an upcoming expiration and multiple car profiles. Users can also reserve a parking space from the app to ensure hassle-free parking anywhere.

So, ditch the coins and download Parkmobile on Android or Apple devices today for free.  

Have you used Parkmobile? Do you have a useful app to share? Let us know in the comments!



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