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Let 2018 be the year of the movie with this week’s app, MoviePass.

MoviePass is a relatively new app/subscription service that lets users watch a movie a day for just $9.95 per month. That’s right, for the cost of one movie ticket users can enjoy an entire month of new releases, and a potential savings of over $200 a month.

Users who sign up for the service will receive a MoviePass card in the mail to use whenever they make a trip to the movies. MoviePass is accepted at over 4,000 movie theaters across the country. Locally, MoviePass is accepted at many local theaters including Celebration! Cinemas, AMC and the Urban Institute for Contemporary Art.

The MoviePass app is free to download on Android and Apple devices. The app features a theater locator that shows which theaters accept MoviePass and showtimes for upcoming movies. Theater-goers can use the app to check into a theater, “pay” for the movie with their MoviePass card and enjoy the show.

As an additional incentive for new subscribers, MoviePass is now offering their service for $7.99 per month.

Do you use MoviePass? Do you have a favorite app we should feature? Let us know in the comments!