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GRCC Lakeshore campus nominated for the Lakeshore Advantage Visionary Award

Lakeshore Campus - Courtesy of GRCC Facebook.

By Tonya Raisbeck – Collegiate Staff

The Grand Rapids Community College Lakeshore Campus was one of only three nominees for the Lakeshore Advantage Visionary Award. The award was given to the Holland Board of Public Works on January 19.

GRCC was nominated for the Award based upon the development of its Early /Middle College Program. The GRCC Lakeshore Campus will continue its visionary leadership through the program for which it was nominated.

Dan Clark, Dean of GRCC Academic Outreach said “GRCC Early/Middle College Program was the first developed Early College Program in West Michigan.

“GRCC has partnered with three West Michigan businesses to offer paid internship opportunities through Herman Miller, Transmatic, and JR Automation,” Clark said. “It is important for us all to realize… our priority as a college is to help every student succeed,” said Clark.

As provided by the GRCC website, “The vision of the Early/Middle College partnership is to provide the opportunity for participating high school students to earn both a high school diploma and an associate of arts degree in four years. Students will be dual enrolled in high school and college courses. In the program, tuition and regular semester fees for the college courses are paid for by the public school as apart of the districts per-pupil state funding.”
  For additional information on the Early/Middle College program visit the Grand Rapids Community College website.

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