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GRCC Police Dept. Reaction to Florida Shooting

GRCC Police Department. (Arielle Jackson/The Collegiate)

After Wednesday’s mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, The Collegiate asked the Grand Rapids Community College Police Department what students, faculty and staff can do to stay safe on campus.

The challenge of active shooter preparation across the country is “we just never know where it is going to happen,” said GRCC Police Lt. Robert Decker.

Decker said students and staff can protect themselves by using the “Run, Hide, Fight” method, which could help them survive an active shooter situation on campus or elsewhere in the community.

“If something happens, take off,” Decker said.”If someone is badly injured and you can’t help them…go beyond that person and take care of yourself,” Decker said. “Leave all of your stuff behind… If you want to bring your cell phone that is fine. If you can’t run, hide yourself in a classroom…And the worst case scenario is that they actually enter the room where you have to fight, and fend for yourself the best you can.”

Decker also talked about resources provided by the GRCC Police and several other departments including, Student Life, Title IX, Counseling and Career Center and Student Affairs. One of these resources is the Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) which focuses on providing a way to reduce the risk of student incidents. Faculty and staff who are concerned about a student who could become a threat to themselves or others, or who they suspect could be suffering from mental health issues can inform Student Life or the police department.Students can also report potential problems to the BIT team. From there, the team will take steps to ensure the student’s mental health and behaviors are at a healthy state. To contact the BIT team, call (616)-234-3337.

For non-emergencies, contact the police department at (616) 234-4010. For emergencies dial  4-9-1-1 if using a campus landline or (616) 234-4911 from a mobile phone. Adding these GRCC Police numbers to your phone contacts is another way to be prepared for an emergency.

There are also several emergency call boxes scattered around campus that allow callers to get police assistance.

To learn more about the emergency procedures at GRCC click here.


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