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Library and Learning Commons hosts fake news discussion

Courtesy of GRCC

By Riley Scheffler

Join the Grand Rapids Community College Library and Learning Commons as it hosts the “Fake News, Lies, and Propaganda! How to sort fact from fiction” lecture on Wed., Feb. 28 from 1 to 2:30 p.m.

University of Michigan’s Librarian, Angie Oehrli, will be joining GRCC’s library to educate individuals on the importance of being able to determine the difference between fake and fact news. Oehril will also be touching on propaganda, political bias and lies within the news to help individuals with this current issue that is arising in our society.

In 2017 Oehri was awarded ALA’s Library instruction Round Tables Librarian Recognition Award and University of Michigan’s University Librarian Recognition award.  

“With all of the information that is published on the internet and other social media, it’s difficult sometimes to be able to tell the difference from the truth, fiction and commentary,” said Director of the GRCC Library and Learning Commons, Brian Beecher. “Whether it’s possible negative influence, interpretation, bias and opinion, it’s important for students to know where to get reliable information from credible sources. Many news companies have a political bias in their reporting and commentary.”

This will be a beneficial event that will teach individuals how to sort through articles and news, and be able to identify a credible source after attending this presentation.

If any professors would like their class to attend this presentation, contact Antoinette Harrington for more information.