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“Dead Man’s Cell Phone” will be performed this weekend

"Dead Man's Cell Phone" Cast. - Courtesy of GRCC

By Heather Tilma – The Collegiate Staff

Tonight was the opening night for the Grand Rapids Community College Players performance of  “Dead Man’s Cell Phone” by Sarah Ruhl.

The play will continue until Sat., March 31 at 8 p.m at the Spectrum Theater.  

The play started with a catchy theme song about a cell phone. The play opened with two people at opposite sides of a cafe at different tables where a phone continuously rings.

Jean, played by GRCC student Jenna Bassett, the lead character, gets frustrated and investigates the culprit of the continuous noise.

Believing the noise is coming from the other man, Jean approaches him, determined to have him turn his cell phone off. With no success, she realizes the man is not moving nor breathing. In panic and with the phone still ringing, Jean answers the phone. Within the first phone call, she gets submerged into, Gordon, the dead man’s life.

During the chaos, more phone calls, answered by Jean, she gets further and further into Gordon’s life including his family and his mysterious and disturbing job.

Audience member, Danny Mertz, said that the play was “really funny.”

The cast includes six individuals, while the production staff consists of over 20 people.

Along the way, GRCC students David Dekens as Dwight, Micah Dekens as Gordon, Veronica Paige as Hermia, Jasmine Piper as Carlotta/the other woman, and Caitlyn Tiszai as Mrs. Gottlieb make their appearance on stage.

“Dead Man’s Cell Phone” has a 15-minute intermission and lasts around 2 hours. During the play, hushed laughter could be heard throughout the audience. Be careful about bringing children to the play given some colorful dialogue.

Tickets are available for purchase at the door prior to the play. It is $5 for GRCC students, $8 for GRCC faculty and staff, and $12 for the public. For more information call the Box Office at (616) 234-3946 or visit the GRCC Theater website page here.

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