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GRCC music department to host concert doubleheader

Linn Maxwell Keller Recital Hall

By Matt Meyle – The Collegiate Staff

Tonight, Grand Rapids Community College will be hosting two concerts in the Albert P. Smith Music Center featuring the Percussion Ensemble Recital and the Student Composers Forum Concert. Both concerts will take place in the Lynn Maxwell Keller Recital Hall.

The Percussion Ensemble Recital will begin at 3:15 p.m and is free to all who wish to attend. The ensemble is made up of both students who are studying to become music majors, as well as students who simply attend GRCC and are passionate about music.

The ensemble of four GRCC students focuses on percussion music from all around the world, including countries like Cuba, Ghana, Guinea and Mali. The performance will feature all kinds of percussion instruments but will include unique instruments like the Djembe and dun-dun drums from West Africa. The audience will also be treated to the sounds of a toy piano, cardboard boxes and even a glass coffee mug. The group of percussionists will show the audience how rhythm and different tones is all a musician needs to make a song.

The ensemble often performs contemporary music from composers like Steve Reich and John Cage but will perform percussion music from all across the world. The students in the ensemble practiced just once a week for the entire semester to prepare for this concert.

The percussion recital will last about 30 minutes, so if studying for finals is causing too much mental anguish, take a break from the stress and relax to the sounds of GRCC’s percussion ensemble before cramming for those finals.

Later in the evening at 7:30 p.m., the Student Composers Forum Concert will be held at the same location as the Percussion Ensemble Recital. Unlike the concert earlier in the day, there will be a fee for admission. Students can attend the concert for $5 and seniors will be charged $3 for tickets.

The concert will entail original compositions by GRCC students of composition, Thaddeus Milne and Bradley Brisbin. Each student will prove their learned abilities from the semester by telling the audience about their compositions and then either performing the piece as a soloist or playing a recorded song via digital media. The concert will also include a few compositions written by students who are studying music theory.

The students will lead the performance and present their compositions to the audience through instruments like the clarinet, piano, trombone and even through voice. The performance will last about 45 minutes, featuring one to two pieces of original composition per student.

All proceeds from tickets purchased for the Student Composers Forum Concert will benefit the Corey VanRandwyk Music Scholarship Fund. Help support current and future GRCC music students by attending this event and in return, sit back and enjoy the talents of fellow students on campus.
This is the last week of concerts on campus. Only three more performance will take place following Tuesday’s doubleheader of recitals. The last three events can be found on GRCC’s music performance calendar. Be sure to check it out immediately since the last concert will be on Sat., April 21.