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Ready Player One Brings Back Fun Spielberg


If you were gonna tell me you saw a story where the Iron Giant helps lead an army with the aid of Voltron, Doc Brown and Beetlejuice I would assume you read my Deviantart fan fiction.

Steven Spielberg’s newest movie “Ready Player One” not only delivers a visually stunning, easter egg filled utopia to the big screen, but delivers in one of the greatest movies of his career. “Ready Player One” in simple terms is a blockbuster blast!

That isn’t to say this movie is perfect, there are several hiccups that occur within this movie’s opening that do slow the whole narrative down. We open into our main character Wade’s hometown in Ohio in the year 2045, where he narrates about his life, and the “Oasis.” An online VR video gaming platform where the characters of this world escape into. Now, throughout most of the first act of this movie, the story is told through a narration which makes the movie feel more like a lecture. By the time all the proper information is revealed, the movie truly blossoms into a reference fueled adventure.

This change in pace from the opening voiceover to when the movie shines gives “Ready Player One” a slow start, but nothing too distracting because it does give us an awesome race scene featuring the Delorean. (Do not play a reference drinking game. You will die!)

If the typical Marvel humor that has showcased itself into most Star Wars movies is getting you annoyed, then you may not be a fan of TJ Miller’s Ork villain as his comedic relief usually feels out of balance with most of the film. Not to say all the jokes are hokey, but the character can get annoying.

Wade also is given a glimpse of a home life plot, to showcase him having a reason to escape into the Oasis. The scene attempts to give us a sense of sympathy to hold onto for the character. Although it does deliver a good amount of emotion a pivotal moment in Act 3 makes the whole arc feel pointless.  

Wade is given a love interest as well. In the movie him and the actress showcase great chemistry. The movie begins to dive into the premise that many people in the modern age may relate to with Wade wanting to meet his love interest in the real world, she hesitates saying, “You wouldn’t like me there.” By the time they introduce her in the real world…I won’t give anything away but you might ask yourself “Really…? That was the problem?” Although the movie doesn’t dive into the concept of two individuals comparing their online personalities to  their real-world personas too well, the characters still share great, fun energy. And honestly that’s what this movie is about, fun! So I can’t be too hard on these issue.

The actors all give their characters great moments to shine, the visual effects in this movie were massive, and in the end Voltron and the Iron Giant team up to fight the forces of evil in a fight I can only describe as “Pew! Pew! Pew! Pew!” Although the plot may experience a few hiccups, I recommend this movie to anyone who is looking for a fun spring blockbuster. I give it 9 “Is that Simon Pegg?” out of 10! (Yes, that is Simon Pegg in the movie)

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