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A Conversation With Actor Anthony Carrigan – Barry’s Crime Lord With A Smile


Earlier this year, HBO released its latest series, “Barry” the story of a notorious hitman who learns he just really wishes to be an actor. Within the series, the character comes across Noho Hank, a Chechen mobster who really knows how to make people’s day. The Collegiate had a phone conversation with actor Anthony Carrigan who portrays Noho Hank on “Barry” and is known for other roles such as Victor Zsasz on “Gotham” and Kyle Nimbus on “The Flash.”

How does it feel to be done with season one of “Barry”? How has the fan reception been?

So, I mean, it feels great to honestly just have it be out there. It’s kind of taken so long since we shot the pilot in 2016 and the series in 2017. So it’s been a long time coming for it to see the light of day. So we are all really-really pleased that everyone has been able to enjoy it now – and binge it – watch it – experience it. And the reception has just been wonderful. Everyone who has seen it has had a great response to it. And it’s nice to bring something to the table that’s different and unique and enjoyable.

What was your favorite part about playing such a friendly hitman like Noho Hank?

So it was one of the first scenes that we shot. With the pilot actually. It was one of my scenes and it was just setting the tone for the pilot – was really exciting and really nerve wracking but you know it was a great way to kind of kick it off.

Essentially, I’d say it was the first scene in which there was – you know Noho Hank kind of introducing himself to Barry. That was just really special to have that first scene and to be able to kick it off. I knew from that point on it would be something really fun and really relaxed. And just a good time.

A big part of the show is Henry Winkler’s character helping his students develop acting methods to get into character. Was there any process to get into the head of Noho Hank?

Well I used a lot of fun stuff to draw on for sure. I had a lot of fun – exploring the character as someone who wants to embrace American culture. I kind of dove into American pop culture. I certainly had a lot of work to do with accent stuff. So I was on YouTube a lot so I can try and do it justice.

When you get into character, and you get the shoes on, and the wardrobe on – you kind of step into it.

You play a lot of villains in your career, which one of them would you be the most scared to grab a beer with?

Oh wow. Let’s see um – probably…Oh gosh that’s a tough one. Who knows if I’d even make it to the bar alive?

I’d probably say Victor Zsasz (Gotham). Victor Zsasz would probably…kill me by the end of it, but it’d be a great time. We’d probably shoot pool and tell stories. And it’d probably be then when he’d kill me.

It’d be a fun death.


What are some of your favorite ways to sort of treat yourself?

Ooooooh. I love treating myself. I really do. Mostly, I like hanging out with friends. I have a really wonderful community that I just totally love. We just like hanging out – having dinners,and bonfires, going camping, having movie nights. I don’t know – that and yoga I guess?

Yoga once a year maybe.

That’s such a funny image with the characters you’ve played.

Right. I wouldn’t put it past Noho Hank.

We have a large theater community here in Grand Rapids – any advice you might give to actors trying to break into the industry?

Always use whatever opportunities you have to become better. And to become more fully present – more fully engaged. You gotta enjoy what you’re doing ‘cause otherwise what’s the point? So work hard, as hard as you possibly can. If that’s what you really want to do there is no excuse to not put your best into it.

Also, don’t necessarily follow the crowd. Part of what makes,you know, someone stand out, is the fact that they are willing to go against the grain. They are willing to make different choices, and they are willing to try things in a way no one’s thought of. So explore your originality.

You can catch Carrigan on “Barry” now streaming on HBO: Go. Season two of “Barry” has no confirmed release date as of yet.