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Keep track of your cycles and more with Spot On on this week’s App Tuesday

Spot On app logo.

This week’s featured app is Spot On (pun intended). Spot On by Planned Parenthood is the period tracker you never knew you needed.

Spot On lets users track their cycle daily along with mood, body changes, physical actions and period symptoms. The app also keeps track of the user’s birth control method (if any), previous cycles to predict future ones, reminders for doctors appointments and cycle statistics.

What sets Spot On apart from other period tracking apps is its resources section. Under the resources tab, users can learn about birth control methods, fertile days, PMS, menopause, emergency contraception and everything in between. The resources tab also has a “Chat With a Health Educator” that will connect users to a Planned Parenthood expert via text message during the posted hours of operations.

Spot On is free to download on iOS and Android devices.

Have you used Spot On for cycle tracking? Do you have a favorite period tracker? Have any suggestions for future apps? Let us know in the comments!


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