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App Tuesday – Learn a new language this summer with Mango

Mango languages logo courtesy of the Mango app.

Summer is the perfect time to learn a new language, and with this week’s featured app, Mango, I challenge you to do just that, readers.

With Mango, users have over 70 languages to choose from including Spanish, French, Japanese, German and other conventional languages. If those languages are too basic, though, users can choose a few eccentric languages to learn like Pirate (that’s a language apparently), Shakespearean, Yiddish and more.

Mango is a great app to use to learn a new language. The graphics and design of the app are colorful (with a name like “Mango” that’s a must) and playful making the app easy to use and easy to learn. Users go through lessons one screen at a time. Some lessons are conversational, some are cultural, some are grammar, etc.

Mango is free on iOS and Android devices, but requires users to create a login to save lessons and languages. Now, stop reading and get learning a new language. Ciao!

Have you used Mango to learn a new language? Do you speak any languages other than English? Have an app suggestion? Let us know in the comments!



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