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App Tuesday – Train your pooch with Dogo

Image by Jake Goldberg. (The Collegiate)

My best friend is a tall blonde with hazel eyes who turns heads wherever we go. Seriously, it’s a little ridiculous the attention she gets when we walk anywhere. Me? I’m usually a couple steps behind her trying to catch up. Though she’s a crowd favorite, I’m still responsible for training and teaching her that it’s not appropriate to walk up to someone and sniff their butt. I’m of course referring to my pup, Lucy.

But what does this have to do with App Tuesday, you’re wondering. Well, if you have a Lucy or a Rex or a Maximilian at home who is in need of some serious training, let this week’s featured app, Dogo, be your salvation.

Lucy’s Dogo profile picture. (Tatiana Diaz) Tatiana Diaz | The Collegiate Live

Dogo is like having a personal dog trainer by your side at all times. The app offers a new training plan every day for your pup that goes beyond “sit” and “stay.” At the end of the daily plan your pooch will have the chance to take an exam covering the lesson plan of the day. The exam is really just you taking a video of your dog doing the trick of the day then sending it to a specialist for review. So really it’s not much different than what you already do on Instagram. Aside from the daily tasks, Dogo offers a clicker option to train Fido whenever, games to play together and a “Help” section that offers training advice from real dog trainers and veterinarians.

Dogo is free to download on iOS and Android devices, however Dogo is a subscription-based service offering different payment and subscription offers. Their current “Early Bird Deal” special offers a lifetime subscription to Dogo for $79.99, a one year subscription for $3.99 monthly (or $47.99 annually) or a one month subscription for $7.99.

Download Dogo today and send us a photo of you and your best friend training!

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