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App Tuesday – Walk and play with Wokamon

Image by Jake Goldberg. (The Collegiate)

Take a hike! No, really. Michigan’s summers are  shorter than some of the rockiest celebrity marriages, so take advantage of it. But I get it, it’s not always easy to get those steps in. Thankfully, there’s always an app to save the day, and this week’s app, Wokamon, is the best one to get you in the spirit.

Wokamon is the perfect marriage between a pedometer and Tamagotchi. I know I’m dating myself here, so for those who were born after 2000 Tamagotchi were virtual pets you had to keep alive but died of neglect every three days because – life. With the Wokamon app, every step you take helps feed your Wokamon and makes it grow. The app’s home screen shows your selected Wokamon, steps, distance and time. There are over 100 characters to choose from to help you get motivated to walk. The app is available for free download on iOS and Android devices. 

Last week, Grand Rapids Community College asked students, staff and faculty to participate in their walking challenge, Going the Distance @ GRCC, and this App Tuesday I’m challenging you, readers. Let me know in the comments how many steps you’ve taken to keep your Wokamon alive.


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