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App Tuesday – Get ready for fall semester with Chegg

Image by Jake Goldberg. (The Collegiate)

Goodbye summer, hello fall semester. Our summer days are numbered with fall semester being only two weeks away, but now is not the time to panic. It’s time to prepare for all the adventures in learning the fall has to offer us, so let’s start with books.

Chegg Books is an online store where students can rent or buy books and eTextbooks and sell the ones they no longer need. They also cater to students’ textbook and studying needs with a few easy-to-use smartphone apps.

The Chegg Books app allows students to search for their textbooks by name or ISBN number and, according to the website, save students up to 90 percent on textbooks. The app also allows students to sell their books back to Chegg to get some money back from used textbooks.

The Chegg eReader app works in connection with any books students rent or buy through Chegg to allow them to view the textbooks on mobile devices. It’s quite simple and a great way to get the most out of textbooks. The app stores all of your rented or bought books and are accessible anytime. There are features on the app that help enhance the learning experience, too, like a highlighter to note important parts of the text, a search button to lookup certain words or phrases, a notes section and more.

As if those apps weren’t great enough, Chegg also offers two studying apps for students with their Chegg Study and Flashcards + apps. Both apps are designed to help students study their way to success.

The Chegg Books, eReader and Study apps are free to download on iOS and Android devices while Flashcards + is only available in the Apple App Store.

Have you used Chegg for your textbook needs? Do you get your textbooks somewhere else? Share the savings with your fellow readers and let me know in the comments!

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