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App Tuesday: Get answers to your voting questions with Countable

Image by Jake Goldberg. (The Collegiate)

We are exactly two weeks away from the primaries, readers. Are you ready to head to the polls? If you’re still wondering what’s on the ballots, what issues you need a refresher on or just want to know what other people are fired up about, this week’s app, Countable, can help answer your voting questions.

With the Countable app, available free on Android and iOS devices, voters can see and contact who their representatives are, choose important topics and bills that are on the ballot and get informed on the issues important to them. The set up is simple and requires only an email and a zip code. After signing up for Countable, voters can customize their feed with topics of importance to them like education and college life, marijuana legalization (this year, it’s on the ballot in four states and Michigan is one of them), national defense, immigration and more.

To get more information on a certain bill, voters can click on a topic and read more information like why people are voting to pass a bill, why some will vote against it, details on the bill and its progress thus far. Voters can also add their opinions on topics or bills and comment on why they chose to vote either “yea” or “nay.” Of course, these votes stay within the Countable app and do not count as an official vote, but voters can let their voices be heard and hear from other voters with differing opinions.

Voters in Michigan can get more localized information by going to the Michigan Voter Information Center on the State of Michigan’s official website. Though the deadline to register to vote has passed, those who are registered to vote can find useful, unbiased information on candidates, poll locations, what’s on the ballot and more. Voting in the midterm elections in on Tuesday, Nov. 6.

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