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GRCC students take their pick for the Michigan, Michigan State game this weekend

GRCC Journalism 251 students Christopher Schasser (wearing MSU) and Andrew Dosenberry (wearing U of M) showing off their school spirit before the in-state rivalry in East Lansing, Michigan on Saturday, Oct. 20. (Tessa Osborne/The Collegiate)

By Brittney Whitefield

A rivalry that dates back to 1898 will reignite this Saturday at Michigan State University’s football stadium. The Collegiate asked Grand Rapids Community College students who they were rooting for this weekend and found many were divided.

Whether it be family tradition or favorite colors, everyone has their own reasons for cheering for each team.

Justin Bartolomucci, a 20-year-old GRCC student from Algonac, Michigan, will be cheering for the University of Michigan this weekend.

“They are one of the best schools in the country,” Bartolomucci said. “Michigan is going to win, they are too hot right now.”

This rivalry stretches throughout all of Michigan between friends and families as in the case of  Junior Isnaila, 19, of Grand Rapids.

“Growing up, my brother always liked Michigan, so I had to go against him,” Isnaila said. “I like the way they (Michigan State) play.”

For Olivia Thomasma, 18, of Grand Rapids, her support for the University of Michigan comes down to preference of school colors.

“(My support) started off when I was younger,” Thomasma said. “All my friends liked U of M, and I liked the colors blue and yellow.”

The University of Michigan has the upper hand being ranked sixth while Michigan State University sits at No. 24. Many GRCC students gave their predictions on the game and who they thought would come out on top.

Brandon Casewell, 18, of Middleville, Michigan, is an MSU fan and is rooting for his team to win.

“I hope MSU will (win), but I think Michigan is going to,” Casewell stated.

Despite Michigan being heavily favored in the game, when it came time to make predictions, GRCC students all seemed to be seeing green.

Demarco Elmore, 19, of Grand Rapids thinks MSU will win 42-28. Deandre Jackson, a 34-year-old Grand Rapids native had the Spartans winning by a score of 25-16. Ike Kanu said MSU will win by a touchdown or two while Isnaila believes MSU will win 28-21.

Getting the opportunity to watch an MSU versus U of M game live is a dream for many. Nathaniel Hoekstra, 29, of Hopkins, Michigan, goes to U of M games every year.  

“It’s unlike any game you’ve been to before,” Hoekstra said. “You are walking into the largest stadium (in NCAA Division I sports).”

Hoekstra went on to predict a Michigan win, but thinks it will be a close one with the Wolverines slipping past the Spartans by 3.

The game starts at noon this Saturday at Spartan Stadium in East Lansing, Michigan and can be watched live on FOX.

Collegiate staffers Deanna Bergers and Andrew Dosenberry contributed to this story.


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