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Meet the new Student Alliance at GRCC

Courtesy of GRCC Student Alliance.

By Audra Schildhouse

The Student Alliance at Grand Rapids Community College operates as a student government. This year, Student Alliance is run under a new president, Elizabeth Nguyen, 19, of Kentwood.  

One can think of Student Alliance similar to a student government or student council,” Nguyen stated in an email interview with The Collegiate. “Student Alliance serves as a voice for the student body here at GRCC. Therefore, Student Alliance thrives to hear what students have to say whether it involve their opinions on events happening around campus, what they dream to see happen, what they desire to see improved, etc. Student Alliance wants to focus on the student body this year whether it be to open up more opportunities to be involved around campus, help one another out and provide the best resources available to best accommodate the students. Student Alliance strives to keep students up to date with policy changes, growth in the community and opportunities to get involved in order to gain the full experience of GRCC.”

Student Alliance meetings are held every other Thursday at 2 p.m in the Board of Trustees meeting room on the fifth floor of the Main Building. For the Student Alliance meetings schedule and more information, go to the Student Alliance page on GRCC’s website. A variety of clubs, organizations, students and faculty all attend the meetings.

During Student Alliance meetings, the discussions center around a variety of topics. “(We) gather around to discuss about current and future events happening on campus, different opportunities to get involved within the community and much more,” Nguyen stated.

The meetings for this year are held in a new location. Collaborative and Town Hall meetings are held in the Board of Trustees Meeting room, which is in the Main Building on the fifth floor (room 500), and the Leadership Boards are held in the Student Center Building (room 20).

All students are welcome to the meetings.

“Student Alliance encourages any individual interested to get involved on campus to come and seek many opportunities to get to know the different clubs, organizations, updates on policy and open opportunities,” Nguyen stated. “It is a huge melting pot to come, be involved, and make new friends – a welcoming oasis.”

Students can get involved with the Student Alliance by going to their meetings, or to visit Student Alliance members such as the President of Student Alliance, Elizabeth Nguyen, with meeting hours scheduled Monday- 9:30-11am, Wednesday’s, 1-2:30 pm, Thursday’s, noon-2pm, Dylan Evans, the External Affairs Director, Emma JohnsonCommunications Director, with meeting hours scheduled Monday’s, noon-1:15pm, Tuesday’s, 10:45 am – noon, Wednesday’s, noon – 1:15pm, Thursday’s, 10:45 am – noon, or Emily Myszak- Operations Director, with office hours scheduled Tuesday’s, 11am – noon, and Thursday’s 11am – noon.

We love to chat and get to know anyone wanting to get involved on campus,” Nguyen stated.


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