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CARP’s “Peace Starts With Me” event a hit with students on Thursday


By Molly Mills

Grand Rapids Community College and The Collegiate Association for the Research of Principles (CARP) hosted a “Peace Starts With Me” event on Thursday promoting peace. Approximately 25 students and staff members attended.

The president of the Universal Peace Federation, Ricardo De Sena talked about the motive for the “Peace Starts With Me” event which is to live for others, dedicating one’s life to peace and promoting it.

CARP is hoping to have another event like this next semester. Ambassador for Peace and CARP GRCCC Chapter President Josue Haebangja Kisile 23, thinks events like these are important to have on campus.

“This event is important because when you look at the state of our nation today, we cannot agree on anything, so these kinds of conversations are very important,” Kisile said. “They teach us that we need to focus on the point of convergence rather than those of divergence.”

Kisile hopes students learned from the event and left with open mind towards others.

“We can be open minded and be open to new ideas and to be more loving to the people next to them,” Kisile said. “More loving, meaning leading for the sake of the other. Making the happiness of the other a priority. This goes beyond your political affiliation. This goes beyond your religious beliefs. It’s just love.”

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  1. CARP is a front for the Unification Church, a brainwashing cult that has been around for decades. Do your research and be careful.


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