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Dental hygiene students looking for patients for their upcoming finals

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Grand Rapids Community College’s Dental Clinic is offering a free cleaning for anyone 18 or older during their upcoming screening day from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. Monday, March 11 in the Dental Clinic, located on the third floor of Cook Hall.

The second-year dental hygiene students are looking for people who qualify to serve as their patients during their final exam before graduating, performed in the presence of representatives from the Michigan Board of Dentistry.

Those interested in the free assessment and exam must be at least 18 years old and in need of a dental cleaning. Second-year dental hygiene student Ashley Lyman explains the importance of getting a cleaning and keeping up with oral hygiene.

“It’s really recommended to visit your dentist twice a year and it’s hard because in college you have a lapse of insurance and this and that,” Lyman said. “So I would really highly suggest that students take advantage of this offer, of the free x-rays, of the preventative services. We do some of the best cleanings.”

The assessment and free cleaning for those who qualify are not limited to GRCC students. Anyone who is in need of a cleaning and meets the criteria can stop in to the Dental Clinic to see if they qualify. The initial qualifying exam should take no longer than 15 minutes.

Lyman ensures the cleanings are topnotch and are supervised by a dentist and the professors who are in charge of the program.

“We always have an on-site dentist… and our patients are thoroughly checked between assessments and cleaning and after the cleaning,” Lyman said. “So the cleanings are pretty thorough. They’re great. They do a really good job.”

The students are looking to fill 28 spots, one for each second-year student, by the April 11 final board exam. Those who are interested in finding out if they qualify for a free cleaning and goodies but aren’t able to make it to the March 11 screening day can stop by the Dental Clinic without an appointment to be assessed.

Although these cleanings are free for those who qualify, regular cleanings for GRCC students at the Dental Clinic are $15. For more information about GRCC’s Dental Clinic or the assessment day contact the clinic at (616) 234-4237 or visit their page on GRCC’s website.

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