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Overcoming Depression and Sadness Workshop offered to students

It's estimated that up to 8 percent of teens have experienced depression in the past year. (Valentin Armianu/Dreamstime/TNS)

By Daylyn Huff

Grand Rapids Community College Associate Professor and Counselor Andre Fields hosted a compelling workshop titled Overcoming Depression and Sadness on Thursday afternoon that dove deep in the minds of students that struggle with depression and anxiety.

“Research shows that the reason students haven’t made it through school successfully because of anxiety and depression,” Fields shared in his opening line to kick off the workshop.

Fields provided real-life examples that everyone can relate to that could help further students understand the reasoning of how the brain works when thinking negatively and how to alter those thoughts to create a more positive mindset. Throughout the workshop, students were engaged with most taking notes and asking detailed questions.

The workshop not only touched on the physiological aspect of depression and anxiety, but offered advice about how students can go on living a happy and content life that is fulfilling for them.

“So basically, the goal is to make sure non-academic issues don’t sabotage college success,” Fields said after the presentation. “We offer about eight to 10 different workshops on different topics at GRCC, and we offer them to students about twice each semester.”

The workshop ended with Fields challenging the attendees with an exercise that would cognitively trigger positive responses in a negative mind. “Take a piece of paper and first write down a negative message and on the opposite side, write down a positive message,” Fields said. Fields then suggested students to restate the positive message to themselves every morning. He also wanted to make it apparent that GRCC does offer free counseling to students on campus, something that many students were unaware of.

To take part of this workshop, the last date to attend will be Monday, April 8 from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m.

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