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New signage installed on GRCC’s Main Building to honor donor

GRCC installed new signage Tuesday and Wednesday to reflect the renaming of the Main Building in honor of a donor. (Matthew Scheidel/The Collegiate)

What once was known as the Main Building at Grand Rapids Community College has been renamed the Raleigh J. Finkelstein Hall in honor of  the Grand Rapids entrepreneur who donated $2 million to the college.


The new sign was installed on Tuesday and Wednesday and is on display on the roof of the building. The large, blue letters light up and can be seen from Pearl Street. The name Raleigh J. Finkelstein is represented in the largest letters, measuring about 5 feet tall each, that are anchored to the rooftop. The school name stretches across the side of the building just below the donor’s name in smaller lettering.


This is the first major signage that has been placed on GRCC’s campus. There are many smaller signs around campus with logos or names of buildings, however this is the first one at this scale and on top of a building.


The name change and the sign are not the only changes taking place to the building. There are plans to renovate the inside as well. This will include updating current rooms and labs and adding more classrooms.

To read more about Finkelstein’s donation click this link.


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