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‘Toy Story 4’ brings a new adventure and nostalgia

This illustration by Lillian Linscott depicts our classic heroes, Woody and Buzz Lightyear, joined by a new friend, Forky (Lillian Linscott/The Collegiate).

Pixar is at it again, providing us with another heartfelt “Toy Story” film. Since the release of “Toy Story ” 24 years ago the original audience has grown-up and now shares the theater space with a new, younger audience. The latest addition to the series, “Toy Story 4”, provides viewers with a fun, exciting adventure, while still staying true to the message and feel of the first movies.

It’s been nine years since the release of  “Toy Story 3”, when we witnessed the end of an era when Andy gave the toys to a little girl named Bonnie. We were left with a bittersweet ending, sad that the toys were no longer with their boy, but happy to see the joy that they gave Bonnie, and knowing that they would be played with rather than sitting in the attic collecting dust.

“Toy Story 4” provides us with a glimpse into what their lives are like with their new child. In this film Bonnie is starting kindergarten, something frightening for such a young child, and Woody, being the caring toy that he is, wants to help. However, he seems to find it difficult to adjust to the new surroundings. He is no longer the leader of the room, as a doll Bonnie had previously already occupied that spot and Woody is being left in the closet more and more frequently as time goes on. Searching for his purpose, he does all he can to keep Bonnie happy, even though that means he is left out of the spotlight.

The film released June 20, was given an 8.8 on IMDb and 98 percent on the tomatometer and an audience score of 96 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. Showtimes and tickets are available at many different locations including Celebration Cinema, AMC, and even the Getty Drive-In.


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