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New Web and Digital Strategy to come to GRCC

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Grand Rapids Community College is getting a user-first approach to ensure people enjoy using GRCC services online. Through the New Web and Digital Strategy, GRCC is able to focus on evolving grcc.edu.

The new Strategy Department will help to better improve content, design, user experience, web accessibility, web editor training and web integrations. This department works closely with IT and Communications but is separate from the department itself. The Communications Department also collaborates with The Web and Digital Strategy Department on creating a brand strategy and messaging on all platforms. 

The Web and Digital Strategy helps to train web editors to influence powerful content creation. Using this strategy GRCC is also able to monitor website analytics and goals. GRCC is also able to ensure that web users get the best experience of their websites on any device. 

Leigh Jajuga, the Director of Web Content and Digital Strategy, said creating a user-friendly experience is the goal of this new strategy.

“Our daily mission is to understand how we can improve the experience that our students, staff and community members have with our website and make sure that the services we offer as an institution reach as many people as possible, no matter what device they use or level of tech literacy they have,”  Jajuga said. “That’s critical to being a truly open-access institution.”

Aside from the daily basis to improve the website, in 2020 there will be a website redesign to articulate the impact of GRCC on the West Michigan community.


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