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College Women’s Volleyball Beats Lansing Community College in a Sure Win

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The Grand Rapids Community College Women’s Volleyball defeated Lansing Community College in three  sets.Thursday night at the Ford Fieldhouse. 

The Raiders won the sets 25-21, 25-14, 25-17. It was the team’s first game there in a long time as the fieldhouse underwentrenovations last season. And the Raiders made themselves at home, commanding the game from start to finish. 

Six-foot-one outside hitter and freshman Annie Holsinger was a standout in the game with her great hustle and communication. Anytime the Lansingteam started to get their rhythm going, it was disrupted by Holsinger’s single-minded motivation to win the game and her ability to make big plays. She led the game with 13 kills. 

After the game Shetalked about how she stays motivated throughout.

“Just like the grind, playing like a team,” she said. “We’re No. 9 in the nation and we’re trying to get to a national championship.” 

From the start, Lansing Community College struggled to serve the ball. GRCC however excelled with great serves from players like Jasmine Wellet. The Raiders used this to propel themselves forward  and maintain a good rhythm. 

The Raiders pulled away to a 13-5 start in the first set and LCC rallied back a little toward the end, but couldn’t keep the momentum. In the second set, GRCC dominated from the get-go. They played fast, ferocious, and as a team. In the last and final set LCC played their best ball with their backs against the wall, but just couldn’t overcome the Raiders overwhelming chemistry and cohesion. 

That was the number one thing that stood out from the game: how close these players were. 

Sophomore Emma Pachulski stated about this team, 

“I’ve never been part of a team that has been this connected and energetic as this,” sophomore Emma Pachulski said. “We’re all super powerful people – especially vocally – and it’s really neat chemistry.” 

Holsinger agreed.

“This is my first time being on a team that’s bonded as a family,” she said. 

After the game Head Coach Chip Will said

“I think for us to be successful, it’s so important for all 15 kids and coaches and staff to be engaged,” Will said. “I think you can see what difference our bench makes when they’re high energy.” 

Jamie Rozell lead the team 32 assists, Jasmine Wellet was second on the team with 11 kills, and Holsinger also led the team with 11 digs. 

The Raiders are 3-2 overall and will go on the road to the Owens Express Invitational in Ohio this weekend. The next home game will be at 6:30 p.m. September 17 at the Ford Fieldhouse.

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