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Annie Holesinger – GRCC women’s volleyball

Annie Holesinger (12) goes up for spike at Ford Fieldhouse on Thursday Sept. 26 against Glen Oaks.

At 6-foot-1, Annie Holesinger has never been a stranger to the fact that she stands taller than most of her peers and plays this strength to her advantage on the volleyball court. Holesinger used this opportunity to her advantage and pursued a sport that she has continuously dominated throughout her years of play. “I was always taller than everyone else so volleyball came easy,” Holesinger said.

Holsinger grew up around the Rockford area and started her volleyball career when she was in third grade. When asked what inspired her to pursue volleyball, she said it was predominantly from the fact that her parents motivated and coached not only Annie, but siblings as well for most of her youth years. They coached her until she became a freshman at Northpointe Christian High School. As a four-year Varsity letter winner, 1st team All-Conference (3x), and recording over 1,000 kills and more than 500 digs (576 kills and 212 digs in her senior year alone), Holesinger’s athleticism stood out on its own.

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 Thanks to her highly decorated list of accomplishments and marksmanship over the years at Northpointe, the freshman landed an outside-hitter starting position for GRCC’s team with ease. Holesinger said she has grown far more fond of towards her time on the court in college compared to her years in high school. “Coming from a classy school, it was really lackadaisical on the court,” Holesinger. She feels that her Raider teammates have more grit and determination, which makes her relationship and play on the court with them stronger than ever. Holesinger then went on the explain that even the family-friendly atmosphere in the gym and coaching staff among a lot of teams bring a better feeling to the game. 

When asked, Holesinger explained what her main motivations and goals are for this season. “To win that national championship and receive All-American (honors,)” Holesinger said. She said she believes that her team can make this mission come true by studying their opponents’ game and adjusting to different team strategies that stand in their way. Holesinger currently has played 449 sets while averaging 3.91 points and 3.28 kills per set), .27 assists, 1.45 digs, and .50 blocks each set. 

Outside of the game of volleyball, Holesinger enjoys spending time with family and friends, exploring nature via kayaking or hiking, and basketball. She said she plans on majoring in Occupational Therapy due to her love of helping senior citizens. “I love old people, I used to be a waitress at a old-people’s restaurant” Holesinger. She hopes to transfer from GRCC to a Division I school so she can still pursue her love of volleyball while receiving a degree.