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Campus Police Reports for Nov. 14-Nov. 20

(Lucas Southwell/The Collegiate)

By Lucas Southwell

Parked Car Damaged At Bostwick Parking Ramp

On Nov. 18 a man reported that his car was damaged while it was parked on the first level of the Bostwick Parking Ramp.

According to the complainant the car was not damaged when he left it parked but when he returned to it at 6:55 p.m. it appeared to be damaged by another unknown vehicle. The rear door on the driver’s side of the car had been dented and had white and red paint marks. 

Social Security Scam Caller Targets Faculty Member

At around 10:30 a.m. on Nov. 20 a Grand Rapids Community College employee was at her desk when she received a suspicious phone call from someone claiming to be with the Social Security Administration and asking for personal information including her name and the last 4 digits of her  Social Security Number.

The caller claimed the GRCC employee’s identity had been used in money laundering, drug trafficking, and other suspicious activity. The GRCC employee was suspicious of the call but she was reportedly scared and the caller threatened her with police intervention if she did not cooperate. The GRCC employee  divulged her name and the last 4 digits of her SSN to the caller before looking up the number online and then hanging up. The number was 469-729-4923, which lookup.robokiller.com lists as a known number used in SSN related scams. 

The employee was advised to contact the Social Security office and inform them that her  information was likely compromised. She also reportedly called GRCC’s Information Technology Department to let them know that a phone scammer had contacted someone through a GRCC phone number.


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