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GRCC holds ceremony honoring Veterans Day

GRCC's Veterans Memorial, on the Olivarez Student Plaza near Fountain Street (Kristy Medina).

By Kristy Medina

Grand Rapids Community College honored its veterans today and all current military service members during a Veterans Day ceremony in the Juan R. Olivarez Student Plaza 

Those who attended the service received a flag to place around GRCC’s Veterans Memorial and later were invited to have lunch at Raleigh J. Finkelstein Hall. 

Despite the snowy weather, the ceremony was not to be rescheduled. 

“If our military can serve in this kind of weather, we can stand out there for an hour,” said Janice Holten, Veteran Service Coordinator at GRCC. 

With the help of the Veteran Success Team, they are able to organize these events every year to honor the veterans and military service for their services and show them their importance. 

“I enjoy them and I am proud to be able to do them,” says Holten.