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Platinum-Selling Artist A$AP Ferg Returns to Grand Rapids, Puts on an Electric Show

MadeinTYO performing his song “Chucky Cheese"

By Devin Jones

On Saturday, November 9, the Grand Rapids venue 20 Monroe hosted A$AP Ferg for a stop on his ongoing tour. The show included performances from Ferg himself, as well as fellow artists MadeinTYO, Murda Beatz, and Heater IV.

This is the second straight year that the venue has hosted an A$AP Ferg-headlined show. Despite that, the venue wasn’t completely sold out.

When asked about how many tickets remained just moments before the venue doors opened, and attendant at will-call said that “there are still a good chunk left.” This held true once the seats filled in as well, seeing as about half of the upper-mezzanine level seats were empty.

The lack of a full house didn’t bother the artists, however. After playing a couple of songs, Ferg commented on how energetic this undeniably smaller-than-usual crowd was.

Each artist had a setlist that lasted between 45 minutes to an hour, the only exception being Heater IV, who only has one song released on streaming services.

While concertgoers had an idea of what they wanted to hear from MadeinTYO and Ferg, there was a lot of speculation centered around what Murda Beatz was going to perform. 

“I have no idea, honestly,” said one ticketholder who was waiting in line for the show. “I’m really only here for Ferg”.

Although some people thought beforehand that he would only play songs that he produced, he ended up DJing a set that lasted about a half-hour and consisted of portions of just over 20  popular radio hits from the last couple of years. 

The set was meant to warm the crowd up as much as possible, with that being emphasized by Beatz being the last act on stage before Ferg closed the show. He did his job well, with the tracks “Act Up” by City Girls and “Suge” by Dababy getting the most out of the already rowdy crowd. 

TYO and Heater IV went on before him, and both seemed to play a similar role to Beatz in that they did a lot in the way of warming up the crowd. TYO played a shorter, more energetic set that lasted over 40 minutes. Some of the highlights included the tracks “Uber Everywhere” and “Skateboard P,” both of which helped put TYO on the map in 2016.

The crowd also responded well to his performance of the Ferg-assisted track “Ned Flanders”, until it was made clear the Ferg was not coming out on stage to perform it alongside him.

Heater IV played three songs to open the night. The crowd wasn’t anywhere near as alive when he came on stage. This was likely because he not only is a lesser-known artist, but much of the crowd had yet to make their way into the show.

In between the final two sets, there was a buzz radiating all throughout the room. The crowd was so excited to see the main act that even the workers who were sweeping the stage before Ferg’s set got an enthusiastic ovation.

When the final set got underway, the crowd popped. Once Ferg’s distinct voice came over the speakers, people in the upper mezzanine jumped up out of their seats, and people who were in line for drinks flooded back to the front of the venue.

Ferg delivered the crowd everything they could have asked for. He performed every track off of his most recent project, as well as every song of his that was commercially successful from as far back as early 2013.

Some highlights of this hour-plus set were the track “Jet Lag” off of his most recent project, and the track “Shabba” off of his 2013 album “Trap Lord.” The song that drew the biggest pop was the track “Plain Jane,” which he decided to close the show with.