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GRCC professor charged with his son’s death breaks his silence on ‘Inside Edition’

Inside Edition host Deborah Norville (courtesy photo).

By Sabrina Edwards | Collegiate Multimedia Editor

Grand Rapids Community College professor, Timothy Koets, who is facing multiple charges in connection to his 16-year-old austic son’s death, broke his silence in an “Inside Edition” interview that aired Jan. 7.

Koets, who appeared on the nationally syndicated tabloid news program with his wife and daughter, was arrested on the GRCC campus in October and charged with  manslaughter, second-degree child abuse, second-degree child abuse committed in the presence of another child and fourth-degree child abuse.

During his interview with “Inside Edition,” Koets said he’s being treated unfairly by the prosecutors. 

“To be portrayed as an uncaring father and somebody that was negligent and wasn’t watching him is so unfair,” Koets said.

Before his son was found dead in the family pool with his arms bound in March of 2019, Koets’ had a text message exchange with his daughter who texted him a picture of his son in the pool. At one point, Koets instructed his daughter via text to “make sure freak is okay,” referring to his son.

GRCC professor Timothy Koets after being arrested Oct. 24, 2019 (courtesy photo).

Koets explained the text to “Inside Edition” saying, “I certainly would never consider Sam a freak in the literal sense.”

During the interview, Michelle Koets defended her husband and they both explained that their son liked having his arms restrained.  

“That’s the way he liked it, he liked his arms bound like this,” said Timothy Koets, while his wife demonstrated how their son would typically wear the restraints. 

“We weren’t tying Sam up,” said Michelle Koets.

They both explained that their son would put his arms in his pants while restrained.

The family says that this was all a terrible accident.

“Tim woke me up and I fell back asleep,” said Michelle Koets. “Tim thought I was up to supervise Sam, we would never leave Sam unattended. …Now they want to take my husband away and put him in jail for this.” 

Both parents are also facing criminal charges for refilling their son’s prescriptions after his death. According to an article on WZZM, from March through October, on multiple occasions Ritalin, primarily, was obtained under their son’s name and allegedly taken by the couple.

Timothy Koets is scheduled to be back in court Friday, Jan. 10.

Editor’s Note: This story was updated on Wed., Jan. 8 to include the link to Inside Edition’s video segment.


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