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Alumni Recital with Renowned Soprano Antonina Chehovska


By: Kellie Book

After performing in prestigious concert halls like Carnegie Hall in Manhattan, 33-year-old opera singer Antonina Chehovska will be returning to her Grand Rapids roots for today’s Alumni Artist Recital here at Grand Rapids Community College.

The recital begins today at 7 p.m. in room 200 of GRCC’s Linn Maxwell Keller Recital Hall.

Chehovska graduated from GRCC in 2010 before going to the University of Michigan to obtain two master’s degrees in vocal performance and conducting. At the beginning of her college career, Chehovska had planned to go into dentistry.

“I didn’t see myself doing that for the rest of my life,”

Chehovska said in a recent interview with The Collegiate. She then changed her focus to her lifelong passion – singing.

“I wasn’t thinking career, I wasn’t thinking degree, I wasn’t thinking money, it was just… I need to do something,” she said.

After graduating, Chehovska went on to achieve some prestige in the American opera community for her skills as a soprano singer and even won $10,000 from the George London Foundation Competition in Manhattan in 2016. She has also performed with several Michigan and New York orchestras.

“My dream and plan is to one day perform at the top opera houses of the world,” Chehovska said.

She plans to achieve that dream by eventually making a debut tour in Europe.

Chehovska expressed excitement for tonight’s performance.

“It’s a major performance singing for people who love me, who have been there for me all these years,” she said.

“They were my professors, my mentors, my teachers, and now they’re my friends,” Chehovska said about the GRCC faculty who trained her in operatic singing.

Admission for tonight’s performance is $5 for students and $10 for adults.