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GRCC’s Grand Music Display


Grand Rapids Community College’s 72nd Musical Moods concert will showcase every ensemble in the college’s music department Friday night. 

The event, which some call a collage concert, begins at 7 p.m. Feb. 21 at the East Grand Rapids Performing Arts Center, located at 2211 Lake Drive.

Kevin Dobreff, Program Director for the music department, explained that there will be two halves to the stage. One half will be lit and performing while the other half sets up. Then the other half will be lit while the first half is dark and people set up for the next piece. 

The performances will be short since the event will be about two hours and will host every GRCC music ensemble. 

“It highlights every one of our music departments,” Dobreff said. 

How many ensembles can there be in a GRCC music program? A lot.

There is a percussion ensemble, two choirs, two small chorals, a guitar ensemble, a wind ensemble, a jazz ensemble, a full orchestra, and a vocal jazz group.

There will also be a bunch of small groups such as some solos, a string quartet, a piano trio, and a cover band of Fleetwood Mac. 

“This is a big event for a very large group of students, but performing next to people from your department that you don’t normally see, it gives a sense of the bigger picture,” said Stephen Barton, Director of choral services. 

The show will cost $11 for adults, $6 for students, and be free for all GRCC and/or GRPS students with a current ID.

“If you only make it out to one music event this year, this should be the one,” said Dobreff.

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