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The Harry Potter world is taking over the Quiet Cafe


By Justin Kyser

Grand Rapids Community College’s Quiet Cafe is having a Harry Potter theme this week.

The Quiet Cafe will be adding some special Harry Potter themed drinks to the menu including  The Golden Snitch Latte, The Butterbeer Latte, Gillyweed Water, and the Sorting Hat Shake. When you buy a special drink you also get a small prize. Some prizes include Harry Potter Glasses, flying keys, bookmarks and some temporary tattoos.

Students are encouraged to participate in the week’s theme by dressing up.

“If customers come dressed as wizards they can receive a free (drink),” said Lillian Linscott, a cafe employee.

There will also be some Harry Potter decorated cups hidden within the regular cups, and if you happen to get one of these cups you can receive a free drink. Along with all these drinks, the cafe will be decorated in a harry potter theme with floating candles, Hogwarts house decorations and flying keys.

There will also be a special cake like the one Hagrid made Harry for his birthday. The cake will be made by their recent hire Emily Linscott who owns her own cake business. Wednesday, Feb. 5 from 2:30-4:30 there will be a Harry Potter trivia game along with some other games that will be available to play.

This is all happening this week at the Quiet Cafe, so don’t forget to check it out. For pictures of some of the decorations and Harry’s birthday cake check out Campus Dining’s Instagram post.


Editor’s Note: This story was updated Monday, Feb. 03 to correct some information regarding free drinks and prizes and to add a link to Campus Dining’s Instagram.