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A black and white look at a desolate campus and city

It has already been over a week since the benches outside of Peter and Pat Cook Academic Hall have been used by any students.

by Hayley Babbitt

The liveliest city in West Michigan has turned into a ghost town within a matter of days due to the coronavirus, known as COVID-19. In the heart of Grand Rapids is a school that is home to over 14,000 students- Grand Rapids Community College. With thousands of students gone from the campus that shut down on March 12, and restaurants and businesses temporarily shuttered due to social distancing, on March 18, I decided to document the now desolate city in black and white photography.

One of the biggest social hubs for bars and restaurants in Grand Rapids, The B.O.B., adorned with a sign that says “CLOSED”. Hayley Babbitt
One of the many vacant study rooms at GRCC, which would normally be filled with students and collaboration. Hayley Babbitt
Perhaps this is the only picture of the GRCC Subway that is lacking a lengthy line. Hayley Babbitt
Raleigh J. Finkelstein Hall, photographed at 1:40 p.m. Hayley Babbitt
Only one car is to be seen in this photo on Monroe Center St. Hayley Babbit
Home to the American Hockey League team, the Grand Rapids Griffins, the Van Andel Arena will be empty for the foreseeable future as the concert and sports venue remains closed due to the virus. Hayley Babbitt