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GRCC Garden Club to begin meeting in mid-March

GRCC Garden Club will begin in the spring (courtesy photo).

By Allie Ouendag

Despite the cold weather the GRCC Garden Club is looking for new members to help revitalize the Calkin Science Center garden. The group will be starting meetings mid-March and hope to start planting a variety of plants including vegetables and herbs. 

Solana Underwood, 22, of Holland is a freshman heading the club that she inherited from her older sister who started it through the honors program the previous year. After her sister graduated, Underwood has made the gardening program an official club through the Student Life office. 

The garden used by the club sits outside of the Calkins Science Center and will be utilized for teaching gardening skills while also growing vegetables  for members to take home and eat.

Underwood encourages students from all backgrounds to try out the club even if they have no experience gardening. 

“It’s open to anyone who is passionate about fruits and vegetables and is willing to learn more,” she said.. 

Underwood is no stranger to gardening and has been playing in the dirt since she was young. She has experience working in local greenhouses and working with aquaponic systems. Despite majoring in business management, Underwood is committed to providing a club that teaches members how to create healthy meals using produce grown themselves.  

“Most of the vegetables we grow you can pick up and put in a salad so it’s super easy for college students to use at home,” said Underwood.

The club has partnered with Urban Roots, a local organization that will help to produce high quality produce as well as teach basic gardening skills. The club is also planning to donate produce to the GRCC student food pantry to provide fresh and healthy alternatives.

Underwood stresses the importance of using the gardening club as a force of good on campus. 

“I think it’s really important to have GRCC students participating in helping the garden flourish,” she said. “We have to take care of what we have been given.”