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GRCC students and faculty asked about their thoughts on the Michigan primary election


The Michigan Democratic primary began at 7 a.m. and went until 8 p.m. today. At about noon, the Collegiate staff did their own random poll of students and staff from Grand Rapids Community College to see what people are thinking about the election today.

Six registered voters said they would not be voting at all today. When asked why, most responded that they did not know it was happening and therefore don’t have time to. One said it was a personal matter, and one said they were republican. There were also four non-citizens who all shared their opinions, though it won’t affect the election.

Every democrat we spoke to who said they would be voting today, a total of seven people, said they will most likely or certainly vote for Bernie Sanders.

Jordan Stellini, a student at GRCC said “probably Bernie, because I don’t want Trump and I think he’s better than Joe Biden.”

Some people were less concerned with their candidate’s chances of beating President Trump in the coming election.

Caitlyn Vincent, another student at GRCC, was also planning to support Sanders.

“I think he covers a lot of good political topics and as a Jew it would be nice to get the first Jew in U.S. history into office,” she said. In a CNN exit poll, Bernie Sanders had a vast majority of youth voters’ support. In the 18-29 age group, Sanders polled 61% and Joe Biden polled 17%. Meanwhile, Joe Biden dominated the polls in the older crowd. Biden received a 42% and 48% for the 45-64 age group and the 65+ group respectively, while Sanders came up with a measly 20%, and 15% in those age groups.

Our poll included both faculty and students and was heavily in favor of Sanders.

Student Katelyn Goebel was undecided Tuesday afternoon, but said, “I don’t know yet, probably Bernie because I had a really nice political conversation with a friend and they convinced me.”